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 favourite mobile phone.

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PostSubject: favourite mobile phone.   favourite mobile phone. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 15, 2007 8:49 pm

discuz bout ur fovourite handphone here bah.

i lov nk n73, coz it has 3.2mp AF-enable camera n nice stereo sound. cool huh.
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Number of posts : 48
Age : 30
Registration date : 2007-01-12

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PostSubject: Re: favourite mobile phone.   favourite mobile phone. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 15, 2007 8:54 pm

The segment of “multimedia computers”, as Nokia calls its
Nseries-branded handsets, has always brought in income owing to less
feature-packed models, namely phones bearing N7x index. The explanation
lies in price and certain conservatism of smartphones-lovers, who
usually prefer balanced and well-tuned solutions to gadgets sporting
“flagship”, “market’s best proposal” or other titles. The share of so
called techi doesn’t change much from market to market or with time –
only these enthusiastic users can willingly pay really much for better
implementation of certain features, whereas the mass market behaves in
a different way. As a result flagships are mostly high profile devices,
for example Nokia N93 focuses on video, and the N91 is an outstanding
music phone (however in reality the company tries to sell the hard
drive in the N91 rather than its music capabilities). Coming down a
step, we see how N8x-solutions are aiming at meeting requirements not
only of techi, but also those keen on all-in-one devices, which can
show off almost each and every available feature, even though most of
them won’t be of much use. If you come and think of the Nseries line-up
as of a pyramid, the base will consist of N7x handsets, the middle – of
N8x and N9x will crown the product line. The company even made a
special statement, in which it emphasized that the N70 had managed to
claim the title of the market’s most successful UMTS-device and become
the company’s income generator. Answering the “Why?” question is
really simple – Nokia has forged the today’s market of smartphones and
shaped it in the way wee see it, so by redistribution of efforts in
this field, it’s able to profit from any solution in its portfolio. For
the time being handsets outside the Nseries line-up are non-existent in
terms of commercial success (the exceptions are Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500,
both devices generate good sale rates in their niches). And so happens
that the most widely-spread handset is Nokia N72, while Nokia N73 is
destined to make big noise and forge into the lead in Nseries (spec
sheet, price/quality ratio and the company’s margins). As a matter of
fact this device is more likely to get in one row with long-lasting
handsets – the features found in the N73 will actually materialize in
the devices which will be released in the yet distant year of 2007.

favourite mobile phone. Pic01

I’m going to do now I call “Lyrical digression or observation on
handsets positioning”. When Nokia announced the Nseries in the first
place, it limited itself to a finite volume of this product line by
assigning two-digit indexes and, on top of that, starting with the
higher ones. Today we might witness announcement of N6x devices, which
in fact will be the most simplified smartphones targeted at the mess
market and promoted with all due pomp. At the same time advent of N5x
series is not as impossible as it would seem, since it puts special
emphasis on the very concept of feature-packed smartphones (all-in-one
devices). Should Nokia go on at its current pace of announcements, the
existing index potential will run out in 3 years, and that will mean
either the need of changing the course or reconsidering the current
state of affairs with positioning. The latter option is less probable,
since it will provoke heated debates (for example extending the base
index to three digits), thus at present changing the concept and
introduction of a new device series might be Nokia’s next step.
at Nokia they tried to boost the N73 using various technologies so that
it could not only impress end-users on imaging front but also offer
fair basic functionality. The aim at the mass market has eventually
resulted in three different trims - Silver Grey/Deep Plum, Frost
White/Metallic Red, Frost White/Mocha Brown, however all they have only
the rear and sides painted, while the light front plate remains almost
untouched There is not much of a difference between two color schemes
(Deep Plum, Mocha Brown) – it’s more about color tones. On the other
hand the Metallic Red stands out against the background of its
companions and will sure appeal to women. Hereafter the market will see
launch of a black edition – whether it will be only an addition to
already released trims, or a limited offering materialized owing to
another promo-action, we do not know.

favourite mobile phone. Of-1

favourite mobile phone. Of-2

smartphones by Nokia are getting smaller with every release, and this
case isn’t an exception – in fact, it’s the apex of miniaturization of
smartphones incorporating QVGA screen. Today only Nokia 5500 can
overcome the N73 dimensions-wise, but it still yields to the latest
N7x’s offspring when it comes to display. The Nokia N73 measures
110х49х19 mm in size and weights 116 grams. In future the dimensions in
this series will vary within the limits of these sizes, further
reduction won’t take place.

favourite mobile phone. Pic02

we are to draw a parallel between ordinary handsets retaining
comparable functionality, Sony Ericsson K800i, for example, measures up
at 106х47х21 mm in its thickest camera part (the rest of casing is 18
mm thin), weight 113 grams. Although there is a difference in the
dimensions between these two devices, don’t think of it as a huge gap –
all in all, the handsets feel pretty much the same size-wise.
Video, comparison of dimensions with other handsets (wmv, 10.5 Mb)>>>

favourite mobile phone. Pic07

favourite mobile phone. Pic24

favourite mobile phone. Pic26

model’s display boasts a diagonal of 2.4 inches (37x50 mm) and capable
of showing up to 262 colors (TFT) at a resolution of 240x320 pixels.
Exactly the same screen is adopted by Nokia N71 and there is no wonder
in that: it looks and feels great, has the right proportions. It’s
interesting to know that VGA screens will use comparable diagonals –
the platform is being turned nowadays, so that by the time these
displays hit the market it will have been ready to operate with them.
The picture on the N73 looks fine and allows for no criticism. Besides,
the display is armed with a translucent metallic substrate, ensuring
that information on the screen will remain readable even in the sun –
it’s a signature of the models retaining to the latest generation.
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favourite mobile phone.
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